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Commercial Services, LLC is a bathroom refinishing and remodeling company specializing in worn bathtubs, sinks, ceramic tile showers, or fiberglass for clients in Riverdale, East Riverdale, Hyattsville, Bethesda, Washington DC, College Park, and surrounding areas. We guarantee the use of industry leading products in every job and take complete ownership throughout the entire process. Please call us at 301.454.0922 or 301.454.0923 so that we can get started on refinishing your bathroom today.

Products We Use

We use Kott Koatings® products. Kott Koatings, Inc.® is the largest bathroom refinishing franchise.

In refinishing, the results are only as good as the quality of the material and workmanship applied to the task. An inferior refinishing job generally creates more problems than it solves. Fading, chipping and lifting are but a few of the potential problems, but this is why the Kott Koatings® process is highly important when it comes to quality and satisfaction. Nobody comes close to this combination of quality and experience.

For example, you can actually take a worn, damaged, hard to clean bathtub and give it new life by repairing and resurfacing it with the Kott Koatings® Exclusive KV40 Glazes. These special glazes are used only by Authorized Kott Koatings® Dealers around the world to give these old fixtures a whole new look. The KV40 glazes are the ONLY glaze of its kind developed specifically for refinishing porcelain.

Commercial Services, LLC., as one of its area dealers, uses the Kott Koatings® process.

  • We will remodel without replacing
  • We can perform the service in less than one (1) day
  • You even have your choice of colors (standard is white, bone, almond or biscuit)
  • You get a durable finish that is not just easy to clean but affordable…we guarantee it!

Kott Koatings® products and system gives you a beautiful finish with minimal inconvenience, it is, therefore, the only sensible solution. Just imagine, a new looking bathroom in as little as one (1) day!


If you have any questions regarding product information or a general inquiry, please contact us us today. Our team is standing by and ready to help you revitalize your bathroom.

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